FoSTaC Basic Storage & Transportation 


Language: English/Hindi/Kannada

Time: 4 Hours

Model: Online/Classroom

Course Description

This is the Basic Storage & Transport + Covid course as per the FSSAI – FosTac program. The course will be conducted as a live online class.

Once you have made the payment, we will share the details of the training code on the FosTac portal where you must register.


1) Introduction

  •  Welcome to the GMP training program for the Storage and Transportation of Food
  • Learning Outcome

2) What the Law says

  • General responsibility under Food and Standards Act
  • Legal Compliance in Food Storage and Transportation

3) Introduction to Food Safety

  •  What is Food Safety
  •  Knowing the food Safety Hazards and GMP requirements for Food Storage and Transportation
  •  Common Hazards in Storage and transportation

4) Ensuring Food Safety

  • Control of Food Hazards

5) Specific GMP measures for Food Storage

  • Food Storage – Specific GMP Conditions

6) Specific GMP measures for Transportation

  • Food Transportation – Specific GMP Conditions

7) Documentation and records – Legal and Organizational requirement

  • Documentation
  • Lot Identification
  • Product Information
  • Labeling
  • Training
  • Inspection Checklist – Food Storage / Warehouse
  • Inspection Checklist – Distribution and Transportation

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