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Regulatory Path to Market: An enabling environment for transformative innovation

Language: English

Instructors: Good Food Institute India (GFI India)



This discussion on November 11 - Day 2 of the Smart Protein Summit 2021 - included perspectives from experts in novel food safety and regulation, international trade, and government affairs. Panelists agreed that an open dialogue between the food regulator and businesses in the early stages of novel food applications is crucial to ensure that the regulator understands the technology and the industry understands the process requirements. Through a transparent process, there should be a shared understanding of perceived vs actual risk. Trade associations and industry bodies can play a pivotal role to facilitate this engagement and ensure that the guiding principle is risk and science-based. The industry should clearly communicate the technology and its potential food safety risks to the regulator. Taking Singapore’s approval of cultivated meat as a model, it becomes clear that a rolling application process with a feedback mechanism to establish ‘safety by design’ can accelerate the process, and avoid over-regulation. Additionally, the regulator’s initiative in providing public guidance on the novel foods can build consumer confidence and address apprehensions. Speakers include:

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Regulatory Path to Market: An enabling environment for transformative innovation (61:00)

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