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FoSTaC - Advance Catering + Covid 19 Guidelines

Language: English

Instructors: Nameeta Garg

Date: 23.11.2023

Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

₹2349 including GST

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Date: 23rd November, 2023

Timing: 10 AM - 6 PM (IST)

Mode: Classroom

Training Venue:   Hotel Florence Inn,15 A/6, Ajmal Khan Rd, opposite Puja Park, WEA,   Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005

                         This is the Food Safety Supervisor course as per the FSSAI – FosTac program. The course will be conducted as an offline class.

                        Once you have made the payment, we will share the details of the training code on the FosTac portal where you must register.

Learning Outcome:

The objective is to train the personnel managing F&B operations at restaurants, catering units & cafes about food safety and hygiene requirements. The Food Safety Supervisors (FSS) may interpret these requirements according to the size and type of their establishment. The desired outcome of this training is a better understanding of food safety and hygiene requirements and high standards of food safety in the food retail industry.


  • Introduction of FSSAI/FOSTAC/FOSCORIS
  • Understanding food safety as per FSSAI
  • Understanding types of hazards & their impact on food safety
  • Understanding Schedule IV requirements for
  • Location/layout/facilities
  • Cleaning & sanitation
  • Personal hygiene & personal Behaviour
  • Support services like pest control / management support / audit / testing / documentation
  • Control of operations including FSMS plan/ key requirements of process flow & SOP
  • FSMS plan as per FSSAI
  • Requirements of FBO for Covid-19 prevention

*For Supervisors managing FnB operations at restaurants, catering units and cafes

As per FSSAI, every FBO must have at least 1 certified Food Safety Supervisor for every 25 food handlers

Course Curriculum

FoSTaC Advance Catering + Covid 19

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